About Tickled

Welcome to Tickled, a blog for anyone with a sense of humour and an affinity with the written word.

Have you ever laughed out loud in public…and pretended it was a cough? Chuckled at life’s absurdities? Had your funny bone tickled by a howler in a newspaper/on a sign/within a website? Caught only half a conversation and jumped to entirely the wrong conclusion? Written a word so often it no longer makes sense? ‘Each’ for example. Try writing that 100 times and then attempt to define it!

As a content specialist, words are my friends. I spend a lot of time alternately loving them, hating them, wrestling and playing with them, all in the name of developing a meaningful relationship. Most of all I enjoy pulling them back into shape when they’ve lost their way… they often return the favour.

Like friends, words can clump together and astound you with their wittiness or cut you to the quick with their honesty. That’s what I love – words that make you think twice or laugh like a drain.

Some of the posts here will be thought-provoking, others will be downright funny. I’ll be posting things that tickle me gently along my writing path.  I’d be honoured if you’d do the same.

Why Tickled?

Purplefeather is the name of my online content agency. I write all day every day and stumble over so many things that make me laugh and ponder that I wanted to share. Tickled seemed a great way to bring together my company name and sense of humour.

19 responses to “About Tickled

  1. Nice..! I’m looking forward to read coming blogs.

  2. Someone shared The Power of Words youtube this morning on facebook and I was so moved by it – thank you!

  3. Excellent info from Purplefeather. Look forward to more.

  4. Amir Fawzy

    Hello from cairo,Egypt
    Thanks for efforts
    Best Regards,AF

  5. Hello from Vietnam,
    Nice to visit this site.
    Go ahead.

  6. Hey!
    I was in my “internet free falling” when i arrived to your site and now to your blog! Thank you so much for your tips and infosharing 😉
    I’ll start following you!
    Smiles from Portugal 🙂

  7. Debi

    “The Power of Words” was sent to me this morning – my first electronic communication after finding out my car engine had died and would need to be replaced or sent off to an auto cemetery – and it literally shifted my entire mood to something vastly better. Thank you for a wonder job at communicating. Superalative!!!!

  8. Interesting. I am working in the Domestic Violence field and the color purple is symbolic, and the feather to the Native American/Alaska Native people that I work with. I am interested.

  9. annashudo

    I watched your video today and I loved it! Congratulations!!! Thanks a lot for the amazing video and blog! Brazilian woman living in Japan that love words too.

    • @annashudo and everyone here: please accept my sincere apologies for not having responded earlier – it’s been a busy year! I really appreciate all your warm-hearted comments and hope to be sharing some more posts (and videos) with you soon. Would love to hear your inspiring stories about how changing your words may have changed your world.

  10. Erin Haviland

    Your video changed MY world today…the pen is always mightier than the sword!
    One question, however – what is the title of the music in the video?
    Thanks again for sharing!

    Erin Haviland
    Independant Scentsy Consultant
    BC Canada

  11. Elizabeth Nunberg

    Just saw your “Change your Words, Change your World” Video circulating on FB. Words can’t describe how powerful it is but my body can….it’s still tingling all over with goosebumps. Thank you!

    Elizabeth Nunberg
    Reykjavik, Iceland

  12. Thank you for sharing such a great video! I facilitate a Motivational Mondays class at our library and we always remind one another of how powerful our thoughts and words are. I LOVE words as much as you do and always write from the heart. I think it is great that you began your company after seeing the purple feather and I love the definition of “to give someone something that means a great deal ONLY to them.” How perfect for a marketing company.!! Even though I am in the USA I would like to work with you to help spread the word of our organization!Thank you! Heide Metzger

    • Thanks for the message of support, Heide. We work with clients from corporations and charities around the world so do let us know if you have a project in mind…

  13. William T. Price

    It is always satisfying to see success when it is real. Makes all the posts applauding your process and values truly “Vision”. Bless you and your future.

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