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I Can Do It!

Last Saturday, Andrea spoke at Hay House UK’s event I Can Do It!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the event, as well as everyone who came along to the signing of Change Your Words, Change Your World.

It was wonderful connecting with you all and we hope to meet more of you at the next one!

Photos from the event are available on the Purplefeather Facebook page – take a look.

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Top 3 Ways to Make Your Message Stand Out

Have you only begun to scratch the surface of your potential? Are you struggling, but determined, to bridge the gap between your aspirations and your real life experience?

Coaching business strategist Karen Footman has put together School for Heroines – an impressive live online masterclass – starting next week!
As part of School for Heroines, Andrea will be hosting her own webinar.
This free event is being delivered by top coaches & ‘real world’ business women like Purplefeather’s Andrea Gardner, and you are invited to take part!
Join in Andrea’s Master Class: 
Change Your Words: Change Your World
How to Distill Your Message & Communicate it
on Tuesday 18th September 12.30pm BST
We’ll be covering:
  1. The top three ways to make your message stand out
  2. Know what to watch out for & learn how to stop sabotaging yourself
  3. Strategies that will change your results by changing your words today
  4. Plus: a live Q & A – your chance to have your questions answered!
Find out more now by clicking here:

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Purplefeather Writing for the Web: Online Masterclass

Purplefeather created one of the most popular viral YouTube videos of all time – we’re experts at helping you get your message right.

Starting next week we’ll be running an online WordPowered Masterclass, split into 3 powerful sessions and delivered in 3 weekly instalments. These popular courses are delivered by Purplefeather’s experienced web training EXPERTS and will equip you with the tools you need to write optimised web copy that gets quantifiable results.

The start date for the next online course is Wednesday 19th September and we’re offering a 50% DISCOUNT off the normal price of £300 if you reserve your place this week.

So that’s truly amazing value – 3 sessions for £150!

You’ll learn about:-

  • Optimisation: How to write content that’s as appealing for search engines as it is for people.
  • Distilling the Message: Getting to the heart of your brand and learning to write ‘hot’ headlines and compelling calls to action.
  • Makeover Workshop: Hands-on interactive session where you can get practical help and feedback, working with your own content.

The online course runs for 3 weeks, with an hour-long session each week (6-7pm UK time). And if you’re pushed for time, you can listen to the recordings at your leisure. All you need is a phone and internet connection.

Register NOW for one of our few remaining places by emailing


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Win Tickets to I Can Do It!

Win a pair of tickets to I Can Do It Scotland!

Next month, Andrea Gardner will be speaking at this event – dubbed The Greatest Mind, Body and Spirit Event in the World – alongside luminaries such as Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer.

This popular life-changing weekend takes place in cities around the world every year. This is the first year that dates have been added in Glasgow, Scotland on September 15th and 16th.  To book your spot, visit the Hay House website. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, take this opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the Glasgow event!

All you have to do is …

  1. Watch our videos: The Power of Words, Change Your Words Change Your World, and The Red Balloon
  2.  Tell us which is your favourite character and why

To enter, leave your answer in the comment section below, along with a contact email address.

For a bonus entry, share the link to this post on Facebook or Twitter like so:
“Win a ticket to I Can Do It! with @HayHouseUK and @purplecontent!”

This competition is open until noon on Thursday 30 August. You must be available and able to travel to Glasgow on 15 and 16 September 2012. Winners will be contacted by 1 September.

Good luck!


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The Power of Words – The Red Balloon

Don’t be a balloon burster! Change Your Words, Change the World.

Our follow-up to The Power of Words is now live!

Please help us spread the word by subscribing, commenting, and sharing!

Discover how to rewrite your inner dialogue and find out more about Andrea Gardner’s books and courses at

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Andrea Gardner on WHAS 11

Andrea Gardner is currently in Louisville, Kentucky for the Business of Writing International Summit.

While there, she gave a short interview with local news station WHAS 11 to tell the world about The Power of Words and her book “Change Your Words, Change Your World”.

Enjoy the TV interview here

You can also now find out more about Andrea and her books and courses at her author page:

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The Business of Writing International Summit

In less than a month, Purplefeather Director Andrea Gardner will be the Keynote Speaker at the Business of Writing International Summit!

The Summit is a conference for writers, and it is the first of its kind – dealing with the business, rather than the craft, of writing.

If you have not yet done so, check out the Summit website and, if you’re in the Kentucky area, join us for a very unique, first annual writers conference!

If you live elsewhere, we’d love it if you could help spread the work by sharing the link.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference for writers and authors who are serious about success!

Don’t forget to follow Purplefeather on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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Change Your World with Andrea Gardner

roaming gnomeWe have been overwhelmed with kind words about Change Your Words, Change Your World, and we want to do something fun with you.

As both a thank you and a collaboration, we invite you to get involved in our new photo project!

One of our favourite films is Amélie. Remember how she sent her Dad’s garden gnome all around the world, sending pictures home in front of world famous landmarks and tourist spots?

We want to create a collage of all the wonderful places in the world that Change Your Words, Change Your World has reached. Show us your changed world!

Big thanks to Anastasia for giving us the idea! Here’s another example of a similar project.

All you have to do is take a photo of your copy of Change Your Words, Change Your World in front of a landmark in your city and post it on Andrea’s Facebook wall, link it to Andrea on Twitter, or email it to

We look forward to seeing your photos!


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Change Your Words Story Competition Winner

Change Your Words, Change Your World by Andrea Gardner

When  Change Your Words, Change Your World was first released on Amazon we set up a competition for you to enter your stories for a chance to win a signed copy of the book.

First off, we’d like to say a massive ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who entered stories! They were fun, bittersweet, inspiring and uplifting in equal measure.

And the winner is… Dan Stewart!

Here’s Dan’s story:

I used to be depressed.  I was jealous.  I had a chip on my shoulder.  When I looked around, I saw people that were better than me, that had unfair advantages, that were getting what they wanted while I just couldn’t.  I was miserable and at the lowest point in my life.

This was 1993 and 1994.  I had worked really hard to put myself through college only to find a crappy job market that left me waiting tables.  One day, a regular customer presented a credit card.  I glanced down at the name and started laughing.

My customer was not amused, but I just couldn’t connect this guy – a guy I liked – to the scowling face on every bus, bench and billboard in town.  So I said,  “Oh COME ON, you’re Richard Mulholland?”  And then he started laughing too.

For at least 20 years, Mr. Mulholland was the most visible attorney in Tampa.  You literally could not get through the day without seeing or hearing his name at least five times.  To me though, he was just a fun customer who liked to eat steak with his wife.  I had the impression that I reminded them, perhaps, of someone they knew and cared about.   We had a comfortable routine, polite banter followed by light interrogation.

“What are you still doing here?” one of them would say as I approached the table.

“Well, they won’t let me leave until you pay” I’d reply.

“Well, I’m not paying until we’ve eaten” he’d say.  This would continue until I’d brought them free dessert.  (Be nice to your waiters, people!)  One night, he handed me his business card and told me to come visit his office.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I bought a new shirt and drove my crappy old car to the tallest building in Tampa and secretly hoped that he would offer me a job.

He didn’t.  But what I learned that day was ultimately much more valuable.

I was made to feel like a visiting dignitary.  We strolled marble lined hallways and politely chatted with many members of his staff.  Afterward, seated across from him at his desk, we gazed out the window at the truly spectacular view of Tampa Bay.  I could tell that I was about to learn why he had invited me to visit.

It was one of those rare moments, where the universe seemed willing to provide whatever I needed.

He picked up a picture frame and turned it towards me.  There was a row of skinny children clinging to the running board of an old pickup truck.  “I’m the tall one” he said.  “I grew up working the orange groves not far from here.”

We looked at the picture together in silence.  I thought about my alcoholic mother and abusive father.  I thought about the fights and the screaming, the hidden bottles of scotch and the stain of embarrassment that colored everything I was.

“If you’re going to get out of your orchard, Dan” he said, “it’s up to you”.

That lesson was not instantly learned.  I was confused.  I wanted directions.  I was fragile and frustrated and a little angry that he didn’t simply tell me how.

Seventeen years have now passed and I’ve come to regard that visit as a turning point.  I still don’t know if there was another reason he invited me.  Perhaps I was being considered for a position and found wanting.  Maybe he did see something in me after all?  I do know that he spoke four words that have made a difference in my life.  They stuck to me.  They shifted my perspective and helped me stop waiting for life to happen.

“It’s up to you”.

I decided to shift my focus away from my weaknesses (past) and towards my strengths (future).  To stop waiting and to start happening.  To recognize that my extreme discontentment was a gift that would fuel a great journey from my present reality to wherever I wanted to go.

Thank you Richard.  I’ve paid it forward.

You can find more from our winner Dan at his blog.

Congratulations, Dan! You’ve won a copy of Change Your Words, Change Your World signed by author (and Purplefeather director!) Andrea Gardner.

Thanks again to everyone who told us their stories, and feel free to share yours on Andrea’s author pages on Facebook and Twitter, or with Purplefeather on Facebook and Twitter.

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Purplefeather’s coming to Kentucky!

 The Writing Event of the Year
 August 11-12, 2012
Purplefeather Director Andrea Gardner will be speaking at The Business of Writing International Summit, August 11 and 12, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
Are you an author or bookseller? Come along to this event and learn how to grow your book sales and build your author platform.
This two day event for writers and authors features multiple programming tracks, including Self-Publishing, eBooks and Digital Publishing, and Book Promotion and International Marketing.  Sessions are presented by industry experts like Andrea and will be content-rich, timely and relevant to your success in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.
There will be two dozen exciting sessions to choose from (but we hope you’ll choose ours!) along with great food, networking opportunities, and the chance to learn how to become successful at the business of writing.
The event takes place at The Delphi Center at The University of Louisville’s Shelby Campus, located at Hurstbourne Lane & Shelbyville Road in Louisville, KY.
Space is limited so head on over to and register now!
We hope to see you there. Let us know if you’ll be attending via Twitter and Facebook.

Stop Press News…

If you’re looking for a speaker who can share an incredible story and some show-stopping secrets for changing your world just by taking care of the words you use, let us know at Andrea will be travelling along the US East Coast during the first week of August 2012 and is still taking a few more bookings for paid speaking engagements. Get in fast though – she’s popular!

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