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Hot Sassy Copy in 10 Easy Steps

red balloon

It’s Valentine’s, the most romantic day of the year.

And my mother’s words echo down the corridor of time.

‘Andrea, remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

First dates, job interviews, speeches… I’ve fluffed them all.

Because I used to be painfully shy. So shy in fact that I used to hide behind a big floppy fringe that covered most of my spotty face. It was the curtain between me and the world.

And now I bound around the world like a happy puppy, giving speeches and workshops to audiences everywhere.

What caused this transformation?

I learned about the power of words and how to communicate my most traffic-stopping points of difference in a few short sentences.

And now you can learn it too.

Your website is just like a first date. You’ve got less than 20 seconds to make that first impression.

What will you say? How will you leave people feeling? Will they stick around?

I am committed to helping you seduce your audience with hot copy. So I’ve squeezed everything I’ve learned about fast marketing in the past 20 years into our brand new home study training program ‘The Power of Words: 10 Easy Steps to Spellbinding Web Content’.

If you’ve enjoyed our free training video and are still flummoxed by how to get your message out there easily and professionally, you’re gonna LOVE this.

And because it’s ‘spread the love’ season, the first 50 people to order the course will get a FREE copy of my book ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World’.

Come on out of hiding. It’s time to make an impression 🙂

With love,


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Bridging the Past and Future – How You Can Help


Imagine how challenging your life would be if your parents had been snatched away from you at the tender age of 4. How difficult it would be to achieve your dream of becoming a doctor. Or how unloved and vulnerable you would feel if your family had thrown you out to face life on the streets aged 91, with nothing but the clothes on your back.

It’s stories like these that inspired Indian humanitarian Joshua Godfrey to create OrphansFamily, a social enterprise and permaculture orphanage that brings together young orphaned girls and destitute elderly widows in a sustainable family environment.

OrphansFamily offers a home, stability and true sense of belonging to young and old, helping them to rebuild their lives. India has over 31 million orphaned children and 1 in 8 elderly women are isolated, starved and abused so there’s a lot of work to be done.

Here’s how you can help:

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Bring your copy to life


Marleen Oetzel of LnF Dog Rescue in Delaware has a very text-rich website. Just by making images more prominent in her marketing, she has been able to breathe energy into her campaign and save more doggy lives.

After all, who wouldn’t be won over by this little cutie?

Marleen is one of the most inspirational people we’ve ever met. She’s spent all her life (and most of her retirement fund) rescuing dogs who’ve been sentenced to horrific existences. Some of the stories she has to tell will make you weep. These dogs have been shot, starved, had limbs broken or been left to die.

Penny (pictured above) was left chained up without food or water for 3 weeks, having just given birth to 3 pups. She gnawed all her teeth down to the gums to try and save her babies but they all died in the dirt because she wasn’t able to reach them. Penny has thankfully since been adopted by a wonderful family. And thanks to Marleen’s work – and the internet – many of these abandoned dogs will find loving homes.

Marleen is struggling to continue her work without much-needed donations. We’re currently helping her improve her website and intend to support her as much as we can.

If you’d like to help Marleen save more lives this Christmas please visit and share this story with your friends.

Love and thanks


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Happy Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is a time of the year where the power of words is more evident than ever. Yesterday morning I wasn’t in the best of moods. I was trying to work out a new plugin for our website, and not being the most technical minded, it was a frustrating process! I decided to have a break and check the hello@purplefeather email account. I saw a message entitled ‘An American Holiday’. Intrigued, I opened the email and what came next made a real difference to my day – it cheered me right up! Here’s what it said:

“Thanksgiving tomorrow 11-28  is an American holiday. We give thanks for many things, our blessings , our friends, our families, and the list goes on. One of the things I am thankful for is stumbling over Purplefeather. That one video [The Power of Words] changed the way I communicate with co workers, bosses and subordinates, I even talk with my kids ( young adults) differently, I may not be formally trained in your technique, but I have changed the words I use and it truly has changed the responses.

So as this is not one of your official holidays (I think), I invite you to share the intent  of this holiday with your family and friends tomorrow. May the good Lord watch over you and those you hold close to your heart. May you prosper in the coming year,  Happy Thanksgiving”

I hope this email has inspired you, as it did me, to take a moment and think about the people you are thankful for.

Pass it forward and give the gift of kind words today 🙂

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One man and his van


Yesterday I shared a blog post about VW and how they have harnessed the power of story in their marketing. Imagine my surprise when John (of John Cavill Gardens & Design), one of our loyal subscribers, got in touch to say that he was in fact one of VW’s featured real life stories! How cool is that?

Like the Purplefeather team, John is a big believer in the power of words. He’s been inspired both by our guidance (John reads all our blogs and has fun implementing our tips) and VW’s campaign to take his web content to the next level, embracing storytelling as a central part of his online marketing. John’s top tip for creating compelling copy is, “always tweaking and having fun with my website content, always looking for opportunities and remaining forever positive in everything I do.” We think that’s great advice.

You’ll be able to see how John tells his story when his new website is launched. You can follow his journey on Facebook:

Comment below and share with us how you embrace storytelling in your marketing. 


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How To Structure Your Content


If you’ve ever done any marketing training, you might be familiar with the AIDA principle. For the web there’s one extra step. So A is for Attention, I is for Interest, D for Desire. C stands for conviction and A is the final Action.


We’ll start with A, Attention. How do you get someone’s attention, generally? Usually by telling them something that piques their curiosity, pushes their buttons or appeals to their self-interest in some way. If I whispered to you on the subway that I’d discovered the secret of eternal life, my guess is you’d want to know more.  Or at the very least you’d be intrigued by my weirdness! The best way to get attention with the written word is by using headlines. Your headline is really an opportunity to tantalise people into reading more by creating an emotional reaction. That’s the only job it has to do. And there are plenty of ways to do that. We’ll be talking more about that in next month’s feature.


OK, so the next step is to build on that interest and move them into your body copy. Think about the basic human needs for shelter, safety, money, love, nourishment, achievement and sex. Most of us want all or some of these needs met on a regular basis. Your Interest statement needs to address these needs. So if the product can save money, specifically mention how much. If it will make their family safer, explain how. It helps to focus on the main benefit.


Right so now we’ve got their attention and engaged their interest, the next step is to stoke up some desire. This is where you pull out all the stops. Paint a picture for your reader which evokes a life made infinitely richer, easier or more pleasurable once they have availed themselves of your product or service. Tell them how people just like them are already enjoying the benefits. Awaken their desire to be more successful, more beautiful, more gifted or luckier than any of their peers. And then make your offer sound unmissable by limiting its supply through use of a deadline or exclusive deal. We all like to feel that we’re getting extra special treatment and that we’re not missing out – that’s just good old human nature.

In this section of your copy you’ll need to give your reader all the details they’ll need to make a buying decision. Remember we make buying decisions with our feelings, not our intellects, though we might use reason to rationalise those emotional decisions after the event.


Moving onto the fourth part of our web page structure then, the C, which stands for conviction. This is where you need to provide social proof in the form of testimonials, statistics and any positive PR or press coverage you’ve received. It’s also where you can address and overcome any objections your customer is likely to have.


By now your prospect should be feeling really hungry for a transaction. What could possibly go wrong? The fifth part I want to talk about is the call to action, or put simply where you tell them to buy now, with urgency. And it’s where most web copy falls flat on its face.

If you’ve written your copy or presented your content in a structured way, you need to follow right through to the finish. This is where the energy needs to be ramped up! Sometimes it helps to write this piece of your content first. What do you want them to do as a result of engaging with your content? People expect to be reminded of the benefits and be told exactly what to do next. Don’t disappoint them! And if you can end on a note of inspiration, do so. If you’ve watched The Power of Words, you’ll notice that the part of the message that really hits home after you’ve read the sign is ‘change your words, change your world’ which transitions into Purplefeather’s logo and web address. It evokes emotion, and reminds you what you can do with a strong call to action.

Hopefully this post has given you some more helpful tips on conversion and there’ll be many more to come over the year. What do you think? Love to hear your comments.


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Courting Success

We’re going a bit Wimbledon mad in the office this week – and it’s not even quarter finals yet! You might have received our tennis themed email if you’re on our mailing list. If not – you can sign up here (bottom left of the page), and we’ll even throw in our Top 10 Web Copywriting Tips! Anyway, back to the flavour of the week. . . Wimbledon.

And a lot can be learnt from Jacob‘s Creek ad campaign to promote their ticket competition. Harnessing the power of storytelling, in TWO different ways, they sure know how to connect with their audience.

  1. ‘Meet the True Characters of Wimbledon’ and ‘The Open Film Series’ – I challenge you not to feel more emotionally involved with the tournament and the sport after watching these videos. In fact, Andre Agassi’s honest and charming interview ‘Step’ about his first grand slam victory inspired me, made me smile, and brought back that excited ‘summery-Wimbledon-final’ feeling all at once. Kind of makes me want to enter a competition to win some centre court tickets. . . How convenient, there’s a handy link to the Jacob’s Creek competition right under the videos!
  2. The Fans Gallery. We love telling stories as much as we love to hear them. So what better way to get Facebook fans to engage and interact than to ask them to send in their favourite Wimbledon stories and memories?

Need help harnessing the power of story for your business? Here’s a summary of how we can help bring your brand to life.

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