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Finding the exact words to tell a company’s story isn’t as easy as you may think and the copywriters who manage to do it successfully deserve a round of applause.

Visiting websites with bad copywriting can be cringeworthy as well as just plain boring!  Never-ending stories without a real ending, purpose statements, uninteresting paragraphs on product descriptions and yawning lists of statistics are a few other reasons you will ‘X’ out of a poorly-written website.

Website owners know that people who visit their sites want to see eye catching pages that grab their attention at the first glimpse.  The pages need to have captivating images and language to keep you wanting more from them. Unfortunately, only a handful of websites out there know how to effectively do this. Companies struggling with copywriting can learn a lot from intelligent copywriters. Below are a couple firms who deliver clever copywriting.

EAT 24 is known for their clever blog posts – I think their copy needs to be recognized too, as they are right on track with it.  Their homepage has these funny catchy phrase slider ads:

Do Dinner

Find Out

Funny copy which clearly describes their product.  If you think their smarts stop here, think again. It’s also on their job description tab, email subscription call-to-action and on their meta descriptions too.  They are doing everything in their power to make sure they are reaching all targeted areas.

You us


HipChat takes more of an innovative approach to copywriting.  They wanted to provide companies and teams a chat service that was built for them and around them.  It is entertaining but still explains what their software does and how it will help you now and in the long run.  Love the banner on their home page:


Those were good right? Now take a look at a few examples of bad copywriting. There are many companies out there that don’t know how to effectively write copy and they should really take notes from the ones above. Or get some training.

I found this site Blinkee and they offer blinking and glow in the dark products.  They have a black background and their wording is all in neon colors (to stand out). They’ve listed images to show their products and every picture is blinking and the images are too small. This site setup is very distracting and painful to look at with way too much going on. They need to focus on the selling aspect of their products more, not the flashing and blinking that their products do. With this setup I just want to hit the “X” button right away and close this site out.


I ran into this site Lingscars and just had to laugh at the whole set up. My eyes are criss crossed from the design they have going on here. Honestly, what were they thinking? They have flashing, blinking and moving images going on all over the page. The background has bright colors and in a paisley design. A crazy gimmick song plays when you first enter the page. Their purpose is to lease a car, but with all the other stuff they have going on, you totally miss the concept you’re too busy looking at the picture of him, odd ads and videos. So much for what they are actually trying to do, which is lease their cars, as I just want to remove this image from my mind!


Bottom line, your copy shouldn’t take itself too seriously. To appeal to your customer, your web copy should be interesting while representing your brand in a witty or unique way.

Andrea Sig





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When did you last feel fully recharged?



The only thing you really need to work on is your energy. I don’t just mean your physical energy levels which are affected by factors such as lifestyle and diet. What I’m talking about is your mental and spiritual energy.

What are the thoughts you’re holding about a certain situation? What story are you recounting in your head about yourself or another person? Holding onto negativity turns some of your thoughts into energy vampires. Of course, throughout the course of our lives we have all had experiences that were challenging and painful on a deep emotional level. These would be obvious sources of negative energy. And because your lazy brain is looking for shortcuts, it will bury them in your unconscious so you keep repeating the same old patterns day after day.

Your body, emotion, mind, energy and soul together form the whole person.  It is only by dealing with each part of the whole within the whole that we can have vital and energetic health.  Spirituality is the practice of love-based attitudes, practiced individually.  These attitudes can be shared with others but do not require organized grouping for their practice. Meditation, yoga and walking in natural surroundings are a few ways to get in touch with your spiritual side.

Mental energy starts with fueling our brains. The mind is one of the biggest contributors to energy levels. The benefits of having high levels of mental energy include happiness, confidence, focus, and increased willpower, motivation, and productivity. Motivate that lazy brain of yours! An example would be stimulating your mind with puzzles or mental challenges to avoid becoming bored and lethargic. Try something new like hypnotherapy if you feel stuck in a rut. Start being fully passionate about what you do with your life, whether you feel it right now or not. If you’re struggling to find your passion for what you do, get some coaching from me.

There are some things that can help both your mental and spiritual side at the same time. Remind yourself of the things you are grateful or thankful for in your life.  Surround yourself with AMAZING inspirational people. Take time each day to have fun; having fun stimulates your brain in a way that improves energy levels. Most importantly, be in the present moment, accept the situation you’re in and take the best action you can.

The end of the month is approaching very quickly, and it’s the last chance you’ll have to get in on the deal I’m offering on my coaching program.  It’s the perfect time for you to give yourself and your business the boost you’ve both been waiting for.


Andrea Sig




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Get your Mind Working for You


When it’s time to get up and get moving for the day, it’s not just your body that needs to wake up, but your mind too. The mind is a crucial part of who we are. It’s super-powerful and has unlimited potential. It’s your portal to the future and when it’s on your side you can create and do anything you desire, just by tapping into how it was designed to work.

By keeping your mind sharp and fresh it will improve your attitude.  Provide you the proper means of figuring out a tough situation more effectively and make wiser choices.  Even with the keenest of minds, you can’t remember everything, so don’t beat yourself up when you forget something.  It happens to us all at one time or another!

Your mind loves to solve problems so give it a positive problem to solve.  By asking it to seek out memories from your past where you felt really loved you will shift your filter from fear to love which has the added benefit of bringing the emotions back to life in your body.  Taking this first step will help you gain control of your mind so you can turn your life around.

Make the change today and start getting your mind working for you.  Bring those dreams you have to life, make them happen.  When you’re in control you have the power.  If you don’t control your mind, it will toddle off on its own path and as you know, nothing good can come from that.  As George Bernard Shaw says, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

If you’ve lost a grasp on where you want your life or business to be heading, and you’re worried you’re falling deeper into the hole, don’t fret – I can help you refocus and get back some control. There’s no need to lose out on your dreams and the life you want to live.

This is the last month I’ll be offering you this deal on my One-on-One Coaching.  I will show you how to regain your confidence and live the life you were born to lead.  Places always fill up quickly so book now to save your spot!

With Love,

Andrea Sig



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Summer is right around the corner and what better way to get in sync with the season then to cut away the SMOG! That’s right, SMOG; Should, Must, Ought to, Got to. Every time we use one of these words (internally or externally) we put tremendous pressure on ourselves or the person we’re talking to. These words can do more harm than good to our unconscious mind. Whenever we ‘should’ ourselves, we are making ourselves wrong. So instead of saying “I should have exercised more” you can make the change to “I’ve decided to exercise more today” which allows your brain to respond calmly and creatively. 

Also, when using these words, what are we really saying? We are talking about things that we wish we were doing or we wish were happening, and not accepting reality. Those words are not encouraging enough to motivate anyone, so why continue down the path of “hopes” and “wishes” when you can easily shift down the path of “been there, done that” and “yes, I can”?

Understandably removing these words from our vocabulary can be difficult.  These are words we probably use every day. Here are some alternatives to help make the adjustment easier on your mind. Focus on the benefits! If there is something you think you should be doing more of or ought to be doing more of, remind yourself why you want to do this in the first place.  Accept reality. Once you do this you will realize you are capable of achieving your goals and will live a much happier life, without the SMOG.

Removing the SMOG from your vocabulary will take time and practice. Open up new possibilities with ‘can, could, choose to, am willing, have decided to (or not to), am considering’ and reap the rewards of a more empowered mindset.

Is SMOG fogging your business acumen? Do you feel like you’re losing potential custom to a newer more persuasive brand?  Is your message authentic and catchy enough? Learn how to harness the power of words to give it a BOOST with my one-on-one coaching!



Upcoming Events

Dragon Boat Festival‘ – Speaking Event on June 28th, 2015

FREE ENTRANCE & CHANCE TO WIN AN iPAD.  On Sunday, June 28th 2015, our school invites you to our Dragon Boat Festival at Moordown Community Centre 21 Coronation Ave., Bournemouth BH9 1TW from 1.15pm to 5.00pm.

The Dragon Boat Festival, also often known as the Tuen Ng or Duanwu Festival, is a traditional and statutory Holiday originating in China.  The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races, especially in the southern provinces where there are many rivers and lakes.  Typically, these are boats paddled by a team of up to 20 paddlers with a drummer and steersman. The boats have a carved dragon as the head and tail of the boat.

If you’re going to be in Bournemouth, I invite you to come join in the FUN of the festival along with me!

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Is Self-Sabotage keeping you trapped and feeling unhappy?

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.54.36 PM

None of us live a “perfect” life. Life is not meant to be perfect; it has it’s extreme highs and the lowest lows all on its own. We don’t need any internal help. There are times, though, that we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough, there is no way WE can do THAT, it’s impossible, no way. Why would we do that to ourselves when we spend so much energy fighting off these same remarks from the world? Self-sabotage is something so many of us have become accustomed to that we’ve grown numb against the pain.

On your daily walks, meditations, or coaching sessions you should cleanse yourself from these internal self-sabotaging ideas. We are creations that can do so much good for the world that we need to push away the negative, harmful ideas away from us and spread only good, hope, love and kindness. That is not to say that these thoughts won’t creep in from time to time even with the most diligent practice, but the more you practice the easier it will be to look into your own reflection standing tall feeling powerful and in control of your life.

I have created a FREE Video Training on the 3 symptoms of Self-Sabotage that are keeping you trapped and unhappy. Come on over and sign up now and get your Video Training or schedule a FREE Strategy Session with me. Visit: http://www.andreagardner.co.uk/.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, and loved by you first and foremost. Let me help you along your journey to becoming the best possible you that you can become. You deserve it!

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Exercise your Mind and Body

Purple FeatherIt is summertime! What a lovely time for engaging in outdoor activities. Now is the time, to meet those exercising goals you have been aiming to get done for months. It is time to get your body toned and moving.

Of course, there are other exercises that you can engage in each and every day. Do not forget about your mind. It is a very important muscle to attend to. It should be stimulated just as much as any other part of your anatomy.

In order to do so, get some exercises rolling. Replace your tread mills, stair climbers and dumbbells with a computer or even good, old fashioned paper and pen (or go one step further with an inked, feathered pen.) Your written words will be the actual exercise.

Now, stop and ponder, for a moment, about what story you have been waiting to tell. Whatever it might be, it is worth telling and sharing. All words are extremely powerful and truly make a difference. You words might inspire someone else.

Make sure you do this every day for at least fifteen minutes or try to aim for a page a day. Believe it or not, by the end of the year, you will have something extraordinary right in front of your very eyes.

So basically, no matter what, be sure to set time aside. Communication is the main key to unlocking your mind and your voice. Never forget that…

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Purplefeather Writing for the Web: Online Masterclass

Purplefeather created one of the most popular viral YouTube videos of all time – we’re experts at helping you get your message right.

Starting next week we’ll be running an online WordPowered Masterclass, split into 3 powerful sessions and delivered in 3 weekly instalments. These popular courses are delivered by Purplefeather’s experienced web training EXPERTS and will equip you with the tools you need to write optimised web copy that gets quantifiable results.

The start date for the next online course is Wednesday 19th September and we’re offering a 50% DISCOUNT off the normal price of £300 if you reserve your place this week.

So that’s truly amazing value – 3 sessions for £150!

You’ll learn about:-

  • Optimisation: How to write content that’s as appealing for search engines as it is for people.
  • Distilling the Message: Getting to the heart of your brand and learning to write ‘hot’ headlines and compelling calls to action.
  • Makeover Workshop: Hands-on interactive session where you can get practical help and feedback, working with your own content.

The online course runs for 3 weeks, with an hour-long session each week (6-7pm UK time). And if you’re pushed for time, you can listen to the recordings at your leisure. All you need is a phone and internet connection.

Register NOW for one of our few remaining places by emailing hello@purplefeather.co.uk


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Web Copywriting Tips – Tip #10

Web Copywriting TipsTip 10 – Update Content Regularly

Your website needs regular attention if it is to become your 24-hour salesperson. Updating content at least once a week (preferably 2 or 3 times) will keep your customers and the search engines interested. Google indexes web pages according to how often the content is refreshed.

This doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul – sometimes a few tweaks will do the trick. If you have a blog or news section, add optimised articles as often as you can. If you proactively submit these as press releases too, bloggers and journalists will start to build ‘link juice’ for you… another way to improve your search engine rankings.

Thanks for reading

We hope these tips will help you construct compelling, original website content. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this yourself, or need some help with your online marketing strategy, please contact Purplefeather on 0141 202 0637 or email hello@purplefeather.co.uk


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Web Copywriting Tips – Tip #9

Web Copywriting TipsTip 9 – Say Something New

Until a few years ago, British retailers Marks & Spencer were known for selling good quality knickers and slightly conservative clothes! We also knew they sold rather expensive food, though not many people could afford to buy it unless they were shopping for a special occasion. The TV ad changed all that.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just expensive chocolate pudding, it was ‘Marks and Spencer’s twice-baked melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding, lovingly prepared from the finest fair trade cocoa beans etc etc,’ accompanied by saliva-inducing images. Once we’d all finished dribbling, a large number of us must have started planning how quickly we could get our hands on this heaven-sent nectar, regardless of the cost. Sales increased by 288% and the ads inspired a raft of copycat sales techniques.

What I’m trying to illustrate is the benefit of USPs. Marks and Spencer had always sold high quality food. What changed was the way they started telling people about it. The adverts appealed on multi-sensory levels. Simple attractive visuals, a softly spoken commentary and timely scheduling brought premium food to our attention whilst its environmental credentials appealed to our conscience.

Give some thought to your Unique Selling Points. What makes your product/service different from other suppliers in your market? Is it your delivery promise, your after-sales care or your 20 years of experience? Or is it the fact that every one of your tennis racquets is personally tested by a tennis pro before it leaves the factory?

Whatever sets your business apart from the crowd, make sure you tell people about it on your website. Make it honest and fun, then back it up with a guarantee and a customer testimonial. These are the trust-building techniques that will ensure your customers remember you and keep coming back. Free stuff works too…


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Web Copywriting Tips – Tip #8

Web Copywriting TipsTip 8 – Write Compelling Headlines

Remember, there’s a strong possibility that your online customer already knows what she’s looking for. All she needs you to do is answer the questions she’s holding in her mind. This is why having the ability to see things from your customer’s perspective is vital.

Consider the kind of questions she may need answered – what makes your product or service more exciting/reliable/labour-saving/desirable than the other providers she’s planning to research? How is it going to improve her life or solve a problem? What will she tell her friends? Appeal to her emotions as well as her intellect.

Spend time thinking through this imaginary conversation and your headlines will start to flow. If you can include one of your key phrases, you’ll be keeping your customers and the search engines happy!


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